Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spring babies!

Spring has sprung 
The grass is ris
I wonder where the birdies is?

- Frederic Ogden Nash

I know where the bunnies is! Here :)
We got two new little bunnies yesterday to join the giant Flemish rabbit we already had. Ohhh we love them!! They are such fabulous pets. The two we got yesterday, now called Molly & Skyla, have been handled since birth and are so friendly and cuddly.

 It's got me thinking about kids and pets, what it teaches them and how it adds to their life. I've definitely noticed how great it is for a rough little two year old boy to learn how to be gentle.

I think pets teach empathy, and kindness, don't you? And of course responsibility, eventually. Hopefully. I can imagine the straw house housing a lovely little menagerie one day ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We are in!

It's true! We are here finally, living in the strawhouse and it is just marvellous :) after a two week rest and recovery period I can truthfully say its been worth all the stress and hard work.
The journey from 1860 (when our last house was built) to 2013 has been a blast and holy moly what a difference insulation and passive solar design make! We've only had our fire on once and that was to dry our shoes! Believe me, where we live that is nothing short of a miracle!! We have seriously been mostly walking around in t-shirts! So  many exclamation marks in this post, my apologies...
Anyway we are slowly unpacking and sorting and organising and playing around with some decor, it's so much fun and I'm sure there will be many more posts and pics to come. But here are a few of the parts that are un-unpacking land enough to photograph. Big love to you all xx

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Officially a crazy person...

Hello interweb! Its been a while. Time has seriously evaded me lately and sadly dear blog, as so often happens, you have slid on down to the bottom of a huge list of priorities. Juggling everything and trying to stay afloat has become a 24 hr a day job. Either we are really bad at managing our life or, and i fully suspect this to be the case, we love it all crazy.

Our life is fairly bursting at the seams- running the final sprint to get the house finished- so many jobs to do, so many lists! And to top it all off I decide to add another thing into the mix- with my spunky friend Elle I have set up a mini shop at our local hugely awesome vintage megastore, The Mill Markets. It's been a flurry of sorting labelling & organising but we did it! Just in time for our wee towns busiest of weekends. Insert large sigh of relief. Come visit if you are from around these parts :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kitchen cabinetry sneak peek...

So excited!!!! We are now at lock up and now the real fun begins! It's time for all hands on deck and a race to the finish line!! The kitchen cabinetry is done and looking pretty fab I've gotta say. Oh how I cannot wait to cook in there! I wonder what will be my first meal? What do you think? What would yours be?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yay for today!

There is lots happening at the strawhouse, this makes me very happy. Very happy indeed. Today is the fist day that I can really see an end in sight. The windows arrived and the boys started fitting them today. Having a window in totally changes the feel of the place- without it it felt far from finished, with it, it feels Kinda complete. Amazing! The plumbers came to start fixing the cladding (where the smurf blue lining is) and I'm not feeling completely sure about our choice now that I'm seeing it in the flesh. Is it too dark? Is the proportion of render to cladding weird? Is it sitting to close to the window tops? Grr- it's so hard to conceptualise all these things and think of every aspect. But hey it's still progress! I'm feeling really excited about the next few months and the lovely visual and creative treats in store. This is the part of the build that I've been waiting for!

Also I had a whole day sans small people to attack some weeds, feed the natives and start mulching the windbreak with the mass of leftover straw. I worked in the garden for a full day! So good.

But possibly best of all, it's raining! Actually raining! First time in months. Hopefully it continues and fills up everyone's tanks and gives the whole town a much needed drink! I hope your day was a good one too ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holly Cottage

If I could remove the stress and time pressures of our build, life at Holly Cottage would be sweet indeed. In fact even with those pressures life here so far has been a blessing. The forest, the birds, the butterflies, the textures and smells, the trees dripping with fruit, the visitors, the sweet little house with so much personality, the flowers and the bathtub that feels like its in the middle of the woods- I just adore it here. It's so peaceful, so picturesque, so harmonious. Such a completely perfect place to spend the summer. Even the things I anticipated being problematic (no mod-cons, no internet, dribbling shower, lack of space) paled in comparison to the surroundings thank you for having us Holly Cottage, when the time comes I will almost sad to leave.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The strawhouse is coming along in leaps and bounds now that we've finally moved on from Christmas- ugh let me tell you that holiday is no good for house building! I think it's set us back about a month, but it's all systems go now to try and get to lock up. The first coats of render are on and there's a lot of mud being slung about as corners and edges are sculpted. It's so beautiful to see the details coming to life!
The windows have been another set back and as anyone who watches grand designs will tell you, it's always the windows! Hopefully they will arrive on Friday- only four weeks late.
Water is proving to be our other issue right now. It's not rained for weeks and trying to keep my trees alive (and leave enough water to make mud) has become a daily battle. Has the drought returned after just a brief reprieve? I hope not.
C 'mon rain, we need you!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello December

As of this weekend we will no longer have the Internet. Or a dishwasher. Or a washing machine. Real first world problems! The he he. We are moving into a 150 year old miners cottage, with a rambling Beatrix Potteresque garden that meanders down to the forest. I feel like we're going on one of those reality tv shows where they go back to the 1800's and have to live like the pioneers would have.

I'm hoping it will be fun and interesting. The cottage is tiny, and Im hoping living in such close quarters will be bonding and special. We are only taking a box of stuff and a suitcase each and I'm hoping the lack of 'stuff' will make up for the lack of mod cons. I hope my chickens survive the move as their new enclosure is rather rustic and probably not entirely fox proof. I hope the kids don't find the move too unsettling and they embrace pioneer living with joy. I guess I'd better be sure to model exactly that!

And meanwhile the straw house keeps moving along. Heres a few recent pics and one of the half built fort / sandpit/ pirate ship. The bales are in and trimmed and straight and pinned in place. The finishing touches being applied ready for a couple of coats of render before Christmas. Next is the tricky nitty gritty of the detailing- the kitchen design, tiles, taps, doors, lights- decisions decisions! Night after night nutting out designs. Oh I really am very tired.

But a few more months and we should be living in our new home and it will all have been worth it! I imagine the contrast from old miners cottage to brand new strawbale should be quite astounding!

Wish us luck friends! I hope December is treating you well so far ;) do you have big plans for the final month of 2012?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

40 feet of heaven.

For so long I've been crafting on the go. You know, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. On the lounge room floor, quick toddler is awake pack it all up. On the kitchen table, oh it's time for dinner, better move everything. I spend more time packing up and moving stuff than I do actual crafting! I'm sure there are many out there who share my pain!

Enter the shipping container studio!

We are not even in the straw house yet I know, but I have big plans to convert two shipping containers into a studio / guest quarters. Container #1 (my studio) has arrived! Oh and I love it already. It feels like my place already- I just want to hug it tight and whisper lovely things to it. My precious.

So if you like yourself a shipping container conversion, stay tuned! The journey has just begun ;)